Ancestry DNA Kit

Uncertainty of your past



It’s one of the worst feelings, and it is a popular reason why many people seek answers.

We surveyed our Heritage Kit purchasers and found out that almost 80% of the people answering our survey told us that uncertainty was one of the primary reasons why they chose to purchase our kit.

I purchased the kit because I was unsure about what I heard from my parents about my ancestors, and as I guessed, it was nothing like they told

Our Kit Customer from Netherlands

But why does the past even matter?

When asked many people told us that the past isn’t important as it doesn’t make a difference for their future.

It is partially correct, but knowledge of your past may give you the courage you need to make the change in your life you are looking for.

After finding this we offered those who decided not to try because they didn’t find it important a free trial, they were very surprised to find the courage knowing the great things their ancestors did gave them.

It might not be like that, but after find out about all the great things my ancestors had done for us, I found the courage to start my own company.

Our customer from Sweden

Ancestry DNA Kit

What Your ancestry means

It is a good feeling to know what you represent

For someone who has never thought about finding out more about their ancestry, it might be hard to grasp how it feels to know where you originate from.

It’s known that for some knowing their ancestry has increased their self-confidence, by being sure what they represent.

Looking for connection

People have always felt a unique connection towards those relative to them genetically, and its no wonder, its important for our survival to keep our genes alive.

Given that mission, of keeping our genes alive, might explain why we care so much about our ethnic background and little details of our past, because that’s what defines us.

One of our customers worded it the best

I have always been intrigued about my past, maybe because I never knew my biological family, but finding out about my ancestors really made me feel more connected to the world

Linda, CA, U.S.A

Reliving your past

As technology has advanced and records are becoming increasingly more accurate, you can find online information about your past that you could not have ever imagined.

Your past might not always be as bright as you think, but knowing more doesn’t change anything.

I found out dark things about my ancestors, of course the things weren’t so bright 200 years ago, but I don’t regret discovering it.

Michael, NZ

Things in the past don’t define you but might motivate you to be a better person today.

Discovering more about yourself

Recently it has become increasingly easier to access learn more about our past, even if our relatives, at least those alive, are not able to tell us more about it.

Many options exist to find out more about one’s ancestry, and one popular option happens to be DNA paternity testing.

Problems with paternity testing

The price of the paternity testing is still too expensive for most of us, as it requires manual labor and expensive transportation of the test back and forth.

We at are looking to change that by basing our results on a digital test, which is done automatically on the cloud.

If You are looking to try our digital DNA kit, check out this link.