Discover What Has Been Hidden in Your Face

We all know about inner beauty, but that's hard to analyse, so we focus on ranking Your Outer Beauty and tell You what Your Face says about You and Your past.

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About Face Scanner

Reveal Your Future, Secrets & Truth from Your Face Photo!

Face Scanner includes the Greatest selection of Face Analysis tools revealing the truth of Your face from Your photo! Beauty Analysis, Beauty Competition & Face Reader are some of user chosen Favourite features that we offer for free of charge!

Face Scanner

Simplicity at its Best

We only require You to provide a photo of Your face, nothing else, and we will provide you throughout analysis through superior features on our app!

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Focus on the Face!

Fast Scanning

Cloud driven technologies provide You with almost instant access to the results with no friction!

Photos from Gallery

You don't have to use fresh photos, we also accepts those picked from Your gallery!

Cloud based A.I.

The cloud driven A.I. has almost limitless power, so we have processed millions of datapoints to calibrate it for You!

No Waiting!

We all hate waiting, therefore we don't do queues! You'll have access to Your results quickly!

Any Size!

We have made sure the app looks and feels good on all form factors!


The experience is highly tunable to Your liking, therefore we offer different kind of tests!

Face Scanning

How We Analyze Your Face

We have trained A.I. to recognize features in Your face, such as those that indicate how beautiful people perceive You, and use this A.I. to give score to Your photos.

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Receiving the results will take a minute at maximum, and while You wait, we'll make sure to keep you entertained!


Challenge Your friends to beat your scores on Beauty analysis or find out hidden features in their faces!


We have done our best to ensure that we can please all of our users

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By now You must have been convinced that we will offer you endless amounts of fun!

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