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Your Heritage Will be analyzed by usingYour face picture to match against our huge collection of data, using top of the line A.I..

Find Your Heritage.

Analyze your profile

We have collected thousands of profiles that we can match your profile against lettings our A.I. work out your most likely backgrounds. The process is simple, take a photo with the app and wait for our servers to process it.

Powerful A.I.

We use top of the line A.i. solution to perform the best genealogy matching.

Data Driven

We have collected thousands of genealogy profiles that you will be matched against.


As we get more data, your results will become increasingly accurate,

Easy to Use

We have made heritage scanning easy!

Just one photo

We only need one face image of you and our A.I. will use it to match your profile.

Cloud A.I.

Our A.I. runs on powerful cloud A.I. to process the enormous amount of data speedly.

3D scan

Our server uses internally deep 3D scan to ensure best results.

Optimized for Android

We have taken great steps to ensure that our app works flawlessy on your Android phone or tablet!

You First

We put our users, You, as our first priority, ensuring fast access to results.

Share Your Reults

We provide facilities to quickly share your results to your family, friends or other important people.


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