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Order our Heritage Kit and get to know which ethnic group You belong to.

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+ 3 day trial, then 29.99$ / week - cancel any time
We provide high quality results quicker than our competition!
Your Heritage reveals Your unique origins - ethnic groups and geographic locations where You originate.
Find relatives with Your shared Heritage that You didn't even know existed.

In past Years we have helped hundreds of thousands people to find their relatives and ethnic group.

500K Tests Done
100K Users Worldwide
100K Records Collected
How Our Heritage Kit Changes You
Our Heritage Kit gives You amazing experience of rediscovering Yourself in a new light. It tells You what makes You unique and where You come from. We are proud to offer our Heritage Kit for You. Don't take it from us - Take it from our amazing customers!
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Where does Your Ancestry originate from?
Regions where Your ancestry originate from are still with You, programmed onto Your DNA. Taking our test is an easy and painless way to find Your origins and uncover an old page that was once lost and You have never turned before.
Who will You discover?
We search for people who match Your profile. Our matching technique reveals how much You share with Your matches. You can connect with Your newly found relatives to hear more about Your family and to find common ancestors.
How does it work?
Approve Badge Straightforward digital kit only requires a facial photo. No physical swab. Approve Badge Only takes couple of minutes Approve Badge Send us the photo via direct link Approve Badge Get results via e-mail
We protect Your privacy
We respect Your privacy. Therefore we have put a lot of effort to protect it. We also provide straightforward information about how we handle Your personal data.
Approve Badge The test is private and secure Approve Badge We use multiple layers of security including, but not limited to secure connection. Approve Badge We don't share Your information without disclosing it to You.
What kind of information will I receive after completing the test? You will receive an estimate of the countires of Your origin. If I have already done an Heritage test, what information will I receive? We appreciate our competition, but we think we can offer more insight, because every piece of information You can get, may be as important as any other. What kind of samples do I need to provide? We only require single facial photo. Only requirement for the photo is that its well lit and You are looking directly to the camera for best results. How long it takes to get my results? It depends on our current load, but it will not take longer than a week. How is my Heritage analysed? We use modern A.I. solutions to analyse Your photo and compare it to our dataset.
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